Frequently asked questions

Search functionality only for the available product and supplier: ENTRY
Registration requires the indication of your name and / or the company name with the email address.

Available stock publication: REGISTRATION
It is necessary to purchase a subscription after registering with the complete company data: company name, VAT number and / or tax code, email for communications.

Each warehouse management program available on the market gives the possibility to export your stock in an Excel format file.

Once this file has been exported, only 3 columns will be needed:

  • The brand of the product must appear in the left column (COLUMN A);
  • The product code must appear in the center column (COLUMN B);
  • In the right column (COLUMN C) there must be the number of pieces available for each product code.

It is advisable to export only products with availability greater than zero, in any case those with zero or negative quantities will not be imported.

At this point, it will be sufficient to send the excel file with the characteristics mentioned above to Bearingram at info@bearingram.com.

On our home page, using our search engine clearly visible in the top center, you can easily search for the product you need through a simple search by code and by brand.

No problem! Place your ad on our notice board. The announcement is reserved free of charge for maintenance technicians and self-employed users of the required products. You will be contacted directly by our users who will send you their best offers. Fill in the form you find on this page.

Absolutely NOT
The offer to the potential customer can be sent directly. The contacts between supply and demand will be managed directly by the interested parties without any commission due to Beraringram, who does not participate in the negotiation. It will be the responsibility of the parties to participate in Bearingram the positive or negative outcome of the contact without making known the economic conditions dealt with.